Norwich City needs to improve

Norwich City manager Daniel Farke has stated that his team needs to improve their attack.

He said that they did not have any pace when going forward in the match against Burton and this will have to change in the next game. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Daniel Farke was however pleased with the second clean sheet that his side has achieved in a row and said that this is a proof that at least a department is working in the team.

The manager said that normally his team is good at creating opportunities and scoring goals and he believes that they will be able to score goals again in the future. He said that his players were determined on the day to win the match, but unfortunately it did not happen.

He said that we have also had to give respect to Burton who were really good at defending and fought for every ball. He believes that they could have scored 2 or 3 times on another occasion, but it did not happen in this game.

Daniel Farke said that Norwich City was also a bit slow in the opening stage of the match. He said that in the first thirty minutes of the game the players were guilty of being too slow and passing the ball without any form of determination. He said that in a match where the opposition is stubborn you need to move the ball quickly in order to create space for the front man.

However, they failed to do so, and it was quite easy for Burton to defend. He said that he wants to see changes in this department in the next game and he wants to see more movement and offensive move on the pitch.


Jacob Murphy is set to meet with Norwich City over a likely Newcastle United move this summer, according to Sky Sports.

The Magpies earlier submitted a bid of £8 million for the player this week but City rejected it.

The winger and his representatives are set to meet with Norwich this week to find a way around the stalemate in the transfer process. The player is determined to playin the top flight of English football. Murphy impressed at the Under-21 European Championships in Poland this summer.

Sincenetting ten times for Norwich last season, there have been links to other clubs in the Premier League.

Rafa Benitez is expected to return with his team with an improved bid for Murphy. The Spaniard is keen on bringing in more players ahead of their return to the top division after lifting the Championship last term.

Murphy has attracted interests from Crystal Palace, Swansea, West Bromwich Albion, and Southampton. The 22-year old rising star has previously featured for Coventry, Colchester, Scunthorpe, Blackpool, Southend and Swindon.

Norwich can decide to retain him past this season as he is contracted until the 2021. He agreed to four and a half years last November so the club has a strong negotiation tool. However, with the huge interest in the player and his decision to force a move, City would likely consider the financial angle and sanction it.

Michael O’Neill is not going to be the next coach of Norwich City

The English Championship League club Norwich City has been searching around for a new head coach ever since Alex Neil was let go back on March of 2017.

Alan Irvine was the person that was selected as the caretaker coach but now that the season of 2016-17 has reached it’s end, it gives Norwich City the time that they need to appropriately appoint their new head coach.

The next season of the English League Championship is the 2017-18 which is scheduled to kick-off on August 5 of 2017.

One of the football figures that was rumored to be on the verge of becoming the new head coach of Norwich City was Michael O’Neil but the 47 year old tactician has emerged and shut down those claims as the Irish manager said:

“There has been no contact between myself and Norwich City. Realistically, it’s probably not what I would be looking for at this minute in time. I think the club is probably in the market for a head coach. I’m a manager’’

“I’ve managed my country for the last five years and I intend to manage my country going forward. Any approach would have to be made through the Irish FA and it is my understanding that has not happened.”

Michael O’Neil is the current manager of Northern Ireland and he has been in charge of the national side since 2011. He also has experience in taking over clubs that are or have competed in the Premier League in some point in time as Michael O’Neill used to be the head coach of Newcastle United and Wigan Athletic in different seasons.

This means that Norwich City will have to search for another manager and Michael O’Neill simply does not appear to be interested in taking over Norwich City.

Norwich City players are fit

Norwich City manager Alex Neil believes that his players are fit and that this is not the reason why they are struggling in the Championship.

Indeed the Norwich City team has come under scrutiny for their poor form this season, and many pundits believe that the players are simply not fit enough to play at this level.

Alex Neil disagreed with this statement and said that his players are fit to play in the Championship. However, he admitted that there is a lack of hunger in the team and this is why the performance has been inconsistent.

He said that when you consider how the other teams play, it appears that his players lack determination and aggressiveness on the pitch and this is why the results have not been that good.

Alex Neil believes that his players lack hunger on the pitch and this is why they are struggling at the wrong end of the table.

Alex Neil said that Norwich City has also lost some important players through injury. He said that players such as Mulumbu and Dorrans are important member of the team and missing those players for almost the entire season has been quite difficult for the team.

Alex Neil said that this is however not an excuse as there are other players that could have fill the void but unfortunately they have not managed to do so.

He said that the players should be the ones to be blamed for their performance on the pitch and he believes that this is more a mental problem than a physical problem. He said that there is still enough games for them to rescue their season and it is up to them to ensure that they give everything on the pitch in order to points.


Timm Klose has been hot on the radar of German club Hamburg for a while.

They German side have been keeping tabs on the Norwich defender with intensions to add him to their defense squad.

Hamburg have had quite a challenging season, highlighted by many disappointing moments, however they are determined to make serious improvements to the team for their next season campaign.

This season, they have conceded 31 goals in their 16 league games, a result considered as disgraceful by many fans.

Recent media report from Germany indicated that in an effort to hold tight their defense line, the Bundelsliga side has shortlisted Norwich city central-back, Klose, for the transfer window in January.

However, reports from regional newspaper Hamburger have revealed that there might be a stiff competition for the player, as Klose’s agent has hinted that a move to Hamburg in January is highly unlikely.

Klose’s agent happens to be Gaetano Giallanza, former City striker; he was quoted saying “A trade is actually not possible.”

Hamburg’s manager Markus Gisdol has made public his intentions of taking full advantage of the transfer window to sign in defenders, especially after his team lost 3-1 at Mainz.

The team is currently in a desperate struggle to pull out of relegation, and with the sponsorship of six-time German champions’ billionaire investor Klaus-Michael Kühne, they may well consider signing Klose on loan.

Norwich city had signed Klose earlier in January, paying around £7million to Wolfsburg as signing fee. The 28-year old Swiss international consistently put on a remarkable performance in all the games he featured. Unfortunately, he suffered and injury and was pulled out from the final five games of the season.

City’s manager Alex Neil had dropped him in the last six matches, however his 25 appearance for Norwich were enough to win him the attention of Hamburg, coupled with the experience he had acquired from a record 75 games in the Bundesliga.

Ed Balls reckons that Poeple will now Know his Dancing Skills

Ed Balls reckons even those people who never knew him for his politics are now starting to know him for his dancing.

An English channel has signed Balls as a contestant for one of its dancing shows and some of his out-of-the-skin performances on that show have gained the Norwich chief enormous popularity.

Balls says that whenever a news story about him features on Television these days, the story presenter calls him a participant of the dance show and not a politician which he originally is.

He also reveals that whenever he goes outside to have a bit of shopping or something else, he sees that the kids are showing him to their moms and asking if he is the same bloke who comes on that show and dances brilliantly.

As per Balls, the kids are hardly interested in politics and hardly watch the political discussions on television and even if they watch, they forget who was speaking in it and what matter was getting discussed. But, as far as the dance shows are concerned, they take a lot of interest in that and keep the participants of such shows in their minds all the time and that’s why he has become popular among them.

However, being realistic about his dance skills, Balls admits that when it comes to the technical side of the dance, he is very limited, but, due to the entertainment he provides, he attracts a lot of public voting and it’s that public voting which is the biggest factor behind him coming a decent way into the show.

One of the benefits that Balls has had on the show that he has lost some weight and that’s why he hopes he stays in it for some more time as he would only get fitter in that time.

Norwich City’s Alex Neil will not sell his rising stars

After finishing the 2015-16 season of the Premier League at the 19th spot, Norwich City was relegated and dropped to the 2nd tier English League Championship.

It’s now the task of Alex Neil to promote them back to the Premier League and the manager wants to accomplish this by not selling any of his rising stars including: Jacob Murphy and James Maddison.

Jacob Murphy is a 21 year old forward who has been moving from club to club on loan deals. This is a fairly traditional method for managers to give younger players or player who don’t have a good chance to get in their own first team, an option to get playing time and experience in a different club.

James Maddison is another player that is expected to become a top player and even though him along with Murphy could be offloaded for a fairly good fee to create enough funds to sign other players and reinforce other departments but the head coach of Norwich City, Alex Neil is not playing to do that.

Alex Neil has recently stated that he will not pressure his younger players but will not sell them either. The 35 year old Scottish tactician just wants to see them develop in their own pace and when the time is right to put them in the first team on a consistent basis, then that time will arrive.

“The Murphys and Maddison will not be going out on loan. They are part of the squad and they give me different options. We have brought in a player like Alex Pritchard who likes to tuck in from the flank whereas the Murphys give us that width and that is a different attacking tool.

Players like the Murphys and Canos and Maddison are still young and to rely on them to get us promotion is a heavy burden on four young lads.’’ Norwich City’s Alex Neil said as he said that his younger players will be given time to develop and that they aren’t expected to go on further loans for now.

Despite some recent transfer rumors that have been popping on claiming that a few of the younger players in Norwich City could be offloaded, this seems highly unlikely as the head coach of himself stated that they aren’t going anywhere for the time being.

Norwich City To Get The Most Out Of Its Players

If you focus on Norwich City and the strategies or players they are lining up, one of the star players on their team is Ivo Pinto who is considered to be the wild card of the team.

Having come aboard the team, it did take him some time to get adjusted to the rules of English football.

However, by the time the club had played their part in the Premiership League this season it seemed that Ivo Pinto had gotten the hang of the game. The summer series that is coming up will hold more obstacles in store for Ivo and he would have to brush up his fundamentals well in order to prove useful to his team.

Indeed, with several games to be played every season, every resource of a football club needs to be ready with the right skills and be able to take on the workload that comes up. The Championship probably has seen Ivo turn into a Renaissance man for the team. He was out of sync initially when he forayed into the team and started off with Premier League campaigns on behalf of Norwich. When he came into the team at 26 years of age, he had to face episodes like fighting against nine goals when he debuted in the game against Liverpool. After all, he had been part of the Croatian team where the position was much more secure than the insecurities that are provided in the competitive arena of English football.

It definitely takes a while for a player to get into the course of action and to be able to provide an advantage to the team that he has joined. Being a full back has definitely made the job harder for him. Again, competing in Premier League matches definitely leaves little time to practice and to get used to things before you are thrust out in the main fields.

Norwich City might be in a financial crisis after relegation

It is believed that Norwich City is currently in a financial crisis and have put up their entire squad for sale.

According to some reports, the current owners Delia Smith and her husband Michael Wynn Jone are unwilling to invest any more money into the team as they look to sell the club to foreign investors.

In a statement released by the Norwich City board, the club has said that their priority is to find another chief executive. Indeed, McNally resigned last week as the chief executive of the club, and they will need to find another one that could help manage the day-to-day affairs of the club. There is also a decision to take on whether Alex Neil will remain as manager of the club following their relegation to the Championship. The statement did not provide any hints on whether Alex Neil will stay as the manager or not.

The statement thanked the supporters for their unconditional support during the season and also said that the board shared the pains of the relegation.

The board admitted that the club has failed to reach its objectives this season which was to secure their Premier League status. The statement said that work has already started in order to determine what went wrong this season so that corrective measures could be taken.

We will have to wait for the coming weeks to find out whether the rumors of financial crisis are real or not. New investors will certainly mean money coming in the club and could help in the purchasing of new players. However, the first decision that will need to be taken is whether McNally will stay as manager as the club. A new manager will certainly want to bring his own players as they look to get back up in the Premier League.

Norwich City And Its Lineup To The Finish

As of today Norwich City along with Sunderland and Newcastle are preparing for the countdown of Premier League to begin.

The faces of David McNally and Alex Neil as bosses of Norwich City portrayed a tense picture in the background. The season is coming to an end for Premier League participating teams. Norwich City faces major challenge and so do rivals Sunderland and Newcastle United. Many feel that finance and football are both decided by the fortunes at the Premier League. English football has become a gold rush from the time its popularity began in the nineties.

Today there are bookmakers, computer games and bets that go round and bring in money to the world of English football. Today fans are able to discuss football strategies and what they feel should be the fate of the participating teams. All this puts added pressure to the teams who come close to the finishing line. The battle is on as to who will get the final seat for Premier League’s next season. The two teams who slip into the Championship League will have a financial disadvantage when they try to get back to the top tier of the league. The league is one of the most watches games across the world and hence, the game players are promised huge amounts of wealth as well.

Norwich City has a recent charge over conduct by FA along with Sunderland. The match that as held at Carrow Road. The Premier League match that was held at Carrow Road saw the staff and the players of both teams confront each other. However, all that is water under the bridge as the real challenge comes forth for these teams. Fans will surely want the best for the team and look forward to the same in the forthcoming matches.