Ed Balls reckons that Poeple will now Know his Dancing Skills

Ed Balls reckons even those people who never knew him for his politics are now starting to know him for his dancing.

An English channel has signed Balls as a contestant for one of its dancing shows and some of his out-of-the-skin performances on that show have gained the Norwich chief enormous popularity.

Balls says that whenever a news story about him features on Television these days, the story presenter calls him a participant of the dance show and not a politician which he originally is.

He also reveals that whenever he goes outside to have a bit of shopping or something else, he sees that the kids are showing him to their moms and asking if he is the same bloke who comes on that show and dances brilliantly.

As per Balls, the kids are hardly interested in politics and hardly watch the political discussions on television and even if they watch, they forget who was speaking in it and what matter was getting discussed. But, as far as the dance shows are concerned, they take a lot of interest in that and keep the participants of such shows in their minds all the time and that’s why he has become popular among them.

However, being realistic about his dance skills, Balls admits that when it comes to the technical side of the dance, he is very limited, but, due to the entertainment he provides, he attracts a lot of public voting and it’s that public voting which is the biggest factor behind him coming a decent way into the show.

One of the benefits that Balls has had on the show that he has lost some weight and that’s why he hopes he stays in it for some more time as he would only get fitter in that time.