Alex Neil reckons by helping Norwich City

Alex Neil reckons by helping Norwich City get back to the League, he has managed to live up to the expectations that the club owners had with him.

Neil had been given the charge of Norwich in the middle of the previous season.

The Canaries were struggling with a bit of inconsistency at that point in time, but, with him coming in, everything was back on track and the team finished the season as the winner of the Championship playoffs.

According to Neil, at the start of his tenure in January, he was feeling a bit of heat and was afraid he might let himself and other people down. But, he is glad things did not unfold that way.

Norwich job was the first proper assignment for Neil as far as the management is concerned.
For the last couple of years, he had been coaching at Hamilton Academicals, but, he was a player cum manager there and the pressure was not that intense on him.

But, it was a tall ask switching to Norwich all of a sudden and not to forget his age. He is only in his early thirties.

For a man as young as that, to be a manager in the second tier Football, the pressure could so easily have gotten on him.

In an interview a few days back, Neil was quoted as saying, “I am really, really happy that I did not disappoint anyone. That’s something which I don’t like at all, to let the fans or the owners down. I always look to ensure I fulfil the expectations that people have with me.”

“To take the job in hand at a crucial time and to finish it like that, it’s satisfactory and I believe the faith that was shown while appointing me has been repaid.”