Norwich City’s Alex Neil will not sell his rising stars

After finishing the 2015-16 season of the Premier League at the 19th spot, Norwich City was relegated and dropped to the 2nd tier English League Championship.

It’s now the task of Alex Neil to promote them back to the Premier League and the manager wants to accomplish this by not selling any of his rising stars including: Jacob Murphy and James Maddison.

Jacob Murphy is a 21 year old forward who has been moving from club to club on loan deals. This is a fairly traditional method for managers to give younger players or player who don’t have a good chance to get in their own first team, an option to get playing time and experience in a different club.

James Maddison is another player that is expected to become a top player and even though him along with Murphy could be offloaded for a fairly good fee to create enough funds to sign other players and reinforce other departments but the head coach of Norwich City, Alex Neil is not playing to do that.

Alex Neil has recently stated that he will not pressure his younger players but will not sell them either. The 35 year old Scottish tactician just wants to see them develop in their own pace and when the time is right to put them in the first team on a consistent basis, then that time will arrive.

“The Murphys and Maddison will not be going out on loan. They are part of the squad and they give me different options. We have brought in a player like Alex Pritchard who likes to tuck in from the flank whereas the Murphys give us that width and that is a different attacking tool.

Players like the Murphys and Canos and Maddison are still young and to rely on them to get us promotion is a heavy burden on four young lads.’’ Norwich City’s Alex Neil said as he said that his younger players will be given time to develop and that they aren’t expected to go on further loans for now.

Despite some recent transfer rumors that have been popping on claiming that a few of the younger players in Norwich City could be offloaded, this seems highly unlikely as the head coach of himself stated that they aren’t going anywhere for the time being.