Many have been surprised by the progress Norwich City and Swansea have made in the Premier league this season.

Despite being newcomers to the Premier league and being given no chance by the critics, they have defied all expectations by continuing to remain within relegation troubles. Norwich manager Paul Lambert, however, is unsurprised by the fact that his team has not been troubled by relegation throughout the season. Norwich came into the Premier league through automatic promotion after finishing second last season in the Championship.

As a result, Paul Lambert has said that he was able to build his team prior to the team from the play-off starting their rebuilding process for the Premier league. QPR also managed to get into the Premier league on automatic promotion, but they have struggled with relegation all season long.

In fact, they are currently in the relegation zone right now based on goal difference. Lambert has said that he will not be resting any players in the Premier league because they are not safe yet mathematically. However, they are just one point away from approaching the magic 40 point mark, which is thought to be the points tally that will definitely achieve safety in the Premier league season.

“We’re not safe yet, mathematically anyway, but we have given ourselves a right good chance to stay in the league. Is it a surprise? No, because I always had a great belief in the team that they could win more games than not and I think we’ve done fantastically well. I think there’s inner belief in ourselves, which is great. I think they’ve got a big belief that they can go and win games,” Lambert said ahead of the encounter with Everton during this weekend. Norwich can go to the eighth position if other results are favourable.