The Norwich city manager Chris Hughton has said that he is extremely worried about the defence of the team. The former Birmingham city and Newcastle United manager recently saw his team suffer a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Chelsea in the weekend.

However, this was a scoreline that flattered the away team because Chelsea could have easily scored many more goals had they been awarded legitimate penalty appeals during the match. Norwich city are still searching for their first win of the season and are currently in the relegation zone with only three points on the board from seven matches they have played.

Norwich have also conceded nine goals in the last two matches. Even though Chris Hughton has said that this matches were against top sides in the form of Liverpool and Chelsea, he reckons that his team should have done much better. Chris Hughton has said that one of the positive aspects right now in the season is that fact that other teams have not been able to pull away from Norwich city. Hughton claims that Norwich city will manage to climb away from the relegation zone if they get a few wins under their belt.

“Is it a worry? Yes it is. Because we’re conceding too many goals. We have no choice but to do something about it. We need to do that in our next game. Of course I’m concerned. For any team to concede nine goals in two games is a worry. It’s something we need to do something about. It’s about getting back to where we were for the games before that. We’ve had a real test in the last couple of games,” said Chris Hughton after the Chelsea match. The fixture list certainly does not get any easy for the team because they will be facing Arsenal next.